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Alexandra Theatre Birmingham

Suffolk Queensway
West Midlands
B5 4DS



The Alexandra Theatre was built in 1901 by William Coutts at a cost of £10,000 and was originally called the Lyceum. Its opening production was a play entitled The Workman, which ran from 27th May 1901, with tickets ranging in price from two shillings to four (old) pence. Unfortunately, insufficient public support resulted in the theatre being offered for sale just over a year later. The sale attracted no great interest, and the Lyceum was bought by Lester Collingwood for just £4,450.

Collingwood was a flamboyant personality who sported a magnificent moustache. He had extensive theatre experience and was particularly associated with the melodrama When London Sleeps, in which he toured for some time, playing the role of the villain. Many theatres at the time had a royal connection, and Collingwood bowed to tradition by renaming the theatre to honour Queen Alexandra.

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