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Following the publication of ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar Part One’, the Music Managers Forum staged a series of roundtable discussions to debate the issues raised in the initial report.

Some of these sessions brought together representatives from specific groups within the music industry, such as managers; labels and publishers; lawyers and accountants; and artists and songwriters. Others brought together a cross-section of industry practitioners from within certain markets, including the UK, France, Canada and the US. In total we spoke with and heard from over 200 people.

‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar Part Two’ provides a summary of what was discussed, an overview of the opinions expressed, and recommendations for what the management community in particular might do to address key issues with the way digital services are licensed, and digital royalties processed and shared.

The roundtable discussions were structured around seven key themes: Division Of Revenue, Performer Equitable Remuneration, Sharing The Value Of The Digital Deals, Transparency, The Role Of The CMOs, Copyright Data and Safe Harbours.